Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Oh no, you thought it meant Frequency Attenuation Quadratic.

  1. What is VoiceOverApparel or VoA or V[o]A?
    VoiceOverApparel wants geeks, nerds, techies, system and network engineers to express themselves over TCP/IP... or using "Voice over Apparel" TM (VoA), an H2H (human-to-human) protocol to broadcast to the world, when they don't have any other medium available.
  2. What's all the mumbo-jumbo techno-speak on this site?
    The site is primarily focused on the unsung heroes that keep technology running or have a keen interest in it.  If you're not technical, some of the jokes may fly over your head. Using a protocol you already know -- your language carried over your voice -- quiz your techie friends on the meaning or drop us an email and we'll do our best to explain.
  3. Do you have product X in color Y?
    We might be able to get it.  Please drop us a note in the Ask A Question dropdown on the product page, on the Contact Us page, or in the message form at the bottom of these FAQs..
  4. What's your Refund Policy?
    See the policy here.
  5. What's your Shipping Policy?
    See the policy over there.
  6. Where do I send returns?
    Returns should be sent back to the address of the fulfillment center listed on the packing slip.  See the Refund Policy for more detail.
  7. What's your fill-in-the-blank Policy?
    We also have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.  
  8. How can I navigate to your policies?
    They are all linked in the footer of nearly every page.
  9. How do I sign-up and get on your mailing list?
    Submit your email address in the newsletter sign-up that is also in the footer of nearly every page.  Newsletter newbies will receive a discount offer after they have validated their email address.
  10. Where's your About Us page?
    Right here.
  11. Where's your Contact Us page?
    Over there.  You can also leave a note in the message form that appears at the bottom of these FAQs.
  12. Before I wash my new apparel, what should I know?
    Like any apparel you love and own, tossing it in the wash and dryer with no attention paid to the materials, blend, or care instructions is like using BCC in email -- you're taking a big risk!  See our Product Info & Care instructions.
  13. Why doesn't the color of my item match the color on my monitor?
    Monitors are rarely calibrated exactly to match standard colors in the real world, so expect color variances.  On some monitors that are significantly out of calibration, the appearance of a color on a product compared to the product in person may vary by a large margin.
  14. Are there any hidden Easter-eggs on this site?
    There's a unpublished discount code that can be used when no other discount is applicable.  The clue is in the menu that will lead to a nominal discount; it's the answer to everything.
  15. Do you have any Discount codes available?
    We always do!  See Promotions.
  16. How frequently are these Frequently Asked Questions updated?
    As frequently as we can.